How to Live Anxiety Free

A Radical Awareness Based Approach to Anxiety

Want an Anxiety Free Life..?

Let's make that your reality

Do you feel like anxiety is such a regular part of your life, that an anxiety-free life seems a dream - an impossibility....? 

Have you tried traditional techniques for dealing with anxiety and found them to fail? Or simply to provide momentary relief?

A Radical New Approach

Undermining Anxiety

This course is not concerned with dealing with anxiety. It looks to teach you how to undermine the 'anxiety mechanism', so that anxiety simply ceases to arrive.....

This may sound too good to be true? But evidence is increasingly pointing to a somatic awareness based approach having fantastic success rates in the treatment of anxiety.


Welcome to the course!


  • A message from your instructor.
  • A bit about Sagara
  • How to use this course

Chapter #1 - Thoughts


  • Becoming Aware of Thought
  • Exercise #1 - Mindful Colouring
  • Exercise #2 - Resting with the breath
  • Exercise #3 - Watching the Garden
  • Written Notes for Chapter #1
  • Resource #1 - Body Scan Meditation Audio
  • Resource #2 - Gather & Release Extended Meditation Audio
  • Recommendations for Chapter #1

Chapter #2 - Emotions & Sensations


  • Becoming Aware of Emotion
  • Exercise #1 - Plotting Emotions
  • Exercise #2 - Breathing Into Emotions
  • Exercise #3 - Writing
  • Written Notes for Chapter #2
  • Recommendations for Chapter #2

Chapter #3 - A Closer Look at Thoughts


  • A Closer Look at Thoughts
  • Written notes for Chapter #3
  • Recommendations for Chapter #3

Chapter #4 - Understanding Anxiety


  • Understanding Anxiety
  • Written Notes for Chapter #4
  • Recommendations for Chapter #4

Chapter #5 - Self Facilitation


  • How to Self- Facilitate
  • Working with Images
  • Working with Words
  • Working with Sensations
  • Written Notes for Chapter #5
  • Recommendations for Chapter #5

Chapter #6 - Wrapping Up


  • Wrapping Up
  • Feedback on the course
  • What to do next
  • 50% OFF Voucher for One-to-One Session

Chapter #7 - Further Resources


  • A Quick Introduction
  • Further Resources
  • Allowing (Video)
  • See, hear, breathe, feel (Video)
  • Thoughts (Video)
  • Just listening Meditation (Audio)
  • Letting Go Meditation (Audio)

About Your Instructor

Sagara Citta

Sagara Citta

The Mindfulness Coach

My mission is life is to help people who are suffering.

I have a unique understanding of mental health problems - particularly anxiety - from my practice of awareness based modalities these past 25 years.

I currently work in the NHS delivering mindfulness. I also work in the UK Prison System. And I coach one-to-one privately.





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I wish that someone had been able to explain mindfulness to me in this way before...
Louise Headteacher
I have found Sagara to be one of the most insightful teachers I have ever encountered.
Surya Author & Mindfulness Teacher
helped me make significant progress with my anxiety in just two weeks
Will Electician

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